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The Japanese Knotweed Agency

Since the launch of the Japanese Knotweed Agency we have helped clients across England and Wales to deal with their Knotweed Trespass. Whether you want straight up advice and recommendations for treatment or if you are a potential claimant or defendant in regards to Knotweed Trespass, we deal with a variety of enquiries on a daily basis. Some of the problems include encroachment from a next door neighbour (in most cases this will be a commercial entity such as a council, waterways or commercial land), or where you have purchased a property and a surveyor has failed to notice that the property has a Knotweed infestation or maybe the solicitors have used the wrong version of the sellers information questionnaire and could be a case of professional negligence, or property sellers failing to disclose the issue.

The Japanese Knotweed Agency has always strived to achieve high standards when it comes to our clients

  • We have a commitment to provide all our clients with Excellence
  • We have a passion for Justice for all our clients
  • We always aim to earn our clients “trust” in us and build relations that last
  • We build our reputation on good soil (no pun intended)

For us, honesty is the only policy. We strive to operate with professionalism and integrity, not just with our clients, but also our professional network. We never charge for our services, independent treatment specialists we recommend will give a bespoke quote based on your individual circumstances without obligation and all treatment should come with a guarantee; and if you choose to seek redress against a third party where the Japanese Knotweed has come from, our panel of specialist solicitors all work No Win No Fee, so there’s no upfront costs and no fees if your claim is unsuccessful. Specialist law firms have a fiduciary duty to you as their client to look out for your best interests at all times and protect you and the value of your home.The Japanese Knotweed Agency is here to help as best we can.

What you can expect with the Japanese Knotweed Agency


Japanese Knotweed Agency is a simple easy step for you to correctly identify JKW and see what options are available to you.


Japanese Knotweed Agency can recommend a specialist treatment firm to offer an effective solution for your infestation.


Our panel of solicitors can help you claim for all costs of  the treatment of the Japanese Knotweed and compensation.


Specialist solicitors all work  “NO WIN NO FEE” , this helps to remove the financial risk to you when making a claim


We can help clients who are faced with legal claims that relate to Japanese Knotweed if they are being sued incorrectly.


Specialist solicitors will help you claim compensation for any loss of value the property has suffered due to Japanese Knotweed.


Japanese Knotweed can stop you securing a mortgage and can reduce the value of your property and affect its saleability. 


If you are unable to get a mortgage due to Japanese Knotweed being on your property, a treatment plan can help.

A professional, helpful and friendly team of experts

Our team have experience in the legal industry with a wealth of knowledge related to Japanese Knotweed