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Japanese Knotweed Agency National Register

National recording of Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed Agency is on a nationwide mission to help identify all locations and present conditions of Japanese Knotweed infestations across England and Wales for the formal recording and supporting those affected with sound information and support and recommendations for an action plan. Think of this as a type of Japanese Knotweed Survey, the more information we have on instances of this plant across England & Wales, the better we can approach dealing with this problem. We are committed to raising awareness of the different cases of Japanese Knotweed hroughout the UK because people have been tricked in the past into spending a lot more than they should for certain properties because they were not made aware of problems with Japanese Knotweed.

If you are a Tenant, Homeowner, Japanese Knotweed Treatment or Excavation Company, Property Surveyor, Gardener, Tree Surgeon, Local Authority or Commercial business that is affected by Japanese Knotweed or comes into contact with apanese Knotweed, you can use this register to record Japanese Knotweed location and current status if untreated or in treatment or excavation plan. You should also get in contact with us because when dealing with this type of weed you should always be aware of the regulations surrounding this invasive plant species. This is a very stubborn plant, and it must be dealt with properly. To allow the spread of Japanese Knotweed on purpose or wrongful disposal is a criminal offence

Is Japanese Knotweed near you?

Interactive responsive Japanese Knotweed location map

Our interactive location map shows you up to date sightings of Japanese Knotweed across the UK. This invaluable source of location information is designed to help residential and commercial owners, property professionals, surveyors, estate agents and solicitors to the presence of Japanese Knotweed in any given location and the potential risks that could be involved to properties if detected. The data is sourced from actual sightings of Japanese Knotweed from our own surveyors and clients that we have helped. Wherever possible we will continue to update and verify new sightings of Japanese Knotweed to keep our location map up to date both current and accurate


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Based on the location the following distribution of Japanese Knotweed infestation occurances that have been reported is

Common Name / Species
Administrative Area
No. of Sightings in Area
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If you have found out that there is a high number of Japanese Knotweed sightings near or around your postcode area, you may wish to keep extra vigilant and  make yourself aware of how Japanese Knotweed looks by referring to our Seasonal Gallery in the likelihood that it could affect your property it is best to know what to look out for. REMEMBER – Japanese Knotweed is a controlled waste product and should not be removed of in your general waste or garden waste bins.



Want to know what Japanese Knotweed looks like throughout the seasons and how to identify it? Check out our seasonal gallery

Report your sightings to the Japanese Knotweed Agency

Help us combat Japanese Knotweed by joining the fight today and reporting any sightings that you come across, whether you see it whilst you are out and about or it is sighted near or on your property, all sightings that you submit on Japanese Knotweed are vaulable and this enables us to collate up to date information.

We have made reporting the sightings of Japanese Knotweed very simple and easy to do and it only takes a few moments to complete, all you are requited to do is complete our simple form, confirm the reported location of the infestation of the Japanese Knotweed, the size and also to upload a photo as well so we can verify that it is indeed Japanese Knotweed.

The exact location and your details are never discolsed or displayed for your security and privacy

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