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The Japanese Knotweed Agency is a trusted and compliant authority across the UK and Wales, we have a proven record in helping property owners either residential or commercial deal with the infestation of Japanese Knotweed on or around their properties. Our staff are highly knowledable and skilled to provide a reliable and comprehensiable service and are here look after your best interests, we always commit ourselves to quality and service with our clients and we use the best available technology, tools and professionals to ensure all of our clients always receive the best possible service in eradicating Japanese Knotweed once and for all.

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For the clearest and most helpful advice about Japanese Knotweed, contact us today and let us provide you with one of the UK’s leading Japanese Knotweed remediation service that also includes legal support assistance from our panel of solicitors in case of Japanese Knotweed litigation

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Whether you are a Homeowner or Commercial property owner here at the Japanese Knotweed Agency, we believe lesser the hassle better the outcome and we keep our services to you of identifying and reporting Japanese Knotweed very simple.

Japanese Knotweed Agency
National Register

Japanese Knotweed Agency is on a nationwide mission to help identify all locations and present conditions of Japanese Knotweed infestations across England and Wales for of formal recording and supporting those affected with sound information and advice and recommendations for an action plan. Think of this is as a type of Japanese Knotweed Survey, the more information we have on instances of this plant across England & Wales, the better we can approach dealing with this problem. We are committed to raising awareness of the different cases of Japanese Knotweed throughout the UK because people have been tricked in the past into spending a lot more than they should for certain properties because they were not made aware of problems with Japanese Knotweed.

If you are a Tenant, Homeowner, Japanese Knotweed Treatment or Excavation Company, Property Surveyor, Gardener, Local Authority, or Commercial business that is affected by Japanese Knotweed or comes into contact with Japanese Knotweed, you can use this register to record Japanese Knotweed location and current status if untreated or in treatment or excavation plan. You should also get in contact with us because when dealing with this type of weed you should always call a Japanese Knotweed Removal specialist. This is a very stubborn plant, and it must be dealt with properly.

Exact locations with not be identified on our map for your privacy and security

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Keep up to date with the Japanese Knotweed Agency and see what is going on around the UK in the fight against the infestation of Japanese Knotweed

Understand the laws regarding Japanese Knotweed

Understand the laws regarding Japanese Knotweed

According to some reports, homeowners are not aware of their legal responsibility to stop Japanese Knotweed spreading. Only 36% of them know they can be sued and only 18% are ...
Japanese Knotweed and its detrimental affect on the property industry

Japanese Knotweed and its detrimental affect on the property industry

The property industry is being hit with problems caused by Japanese knotweed. In just 10 weeks, it can grow 10 cm per day and can reach a height of 3-4 ...
How Did Japanese Knotweed Get Here?

How Did Japanese Knotweed Get Here?

Japanese Knotweed is a contentious plant that can depreciate the value of a property and cause conflict between neighbour’s. The invasive plant is known for spreading quickly and for monopolising ...

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