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Japanese Knotweed Agency Thermo-Electric Treatment

Japanese Knotweed Agency Thermo-Electric Treatment provides targeted non-chemical control of weeds including invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed because it quickly treats the weed boiling it from the root upwards with up to 5,000 volts, removing the plants moisture and energy store to slow or stop any re-growth.

Japanese Knotweed Agency are the only professionals in the UK that offers a non-chemical treatment with the latest RootWave TM Thermo-Electric treatment using specialist machinery to effectively electrocute and boil the Knotweed. This treatment has been across Europe for many years, but is brand new to the UK and exclusively available from the Japanese Knotweed Agency.

Customers utilising this ground breaking technology include Highgrove House and Gardens, Residence of the Royal Family, Arsenal Footaball Club, Transport for London (TfL), English Heritage, Exmoor National Park, Royal Horticultural Society and many other household names.

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How we tackle the problem with Thermo-Electric Treatment

Japanese Knotweed grows fast and spreads easily and quickly in all types of environments and is recognised as the UK’s No.1 Invasive Plant Species. Once growth or an infestation has been discovered, it’s the responsibility of the owner of the land/property to contain it and stop it from spreading. Damage can be caused when it is left untouched and allowed to grow. It will continue to spread and grow, potentially costing home owners, landlords and land owners more to treat as the infestation gets bigger.

When we begin our control and treatment services, we will have conducted an in-depth survey of the area. Within that survey we identify growth and suspect root areas and quote for their associated treatment. To reduce the risk of Japanese Knotweed returning, we may even suggest a combination of treatment methods. Some people have opted to tackle the weed on their own, however given the complicated nature of Knotweed, to completely control and eradicate, the specialist services of a professional are usually required.

Benefits of using the Thermo-Electric Treatment

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The cost of each treatment is different and lots of factors are taken into account, such as the size of the area, age of the Knotweed, access for treatment, estimated time to complete treatment and number of visits required.

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