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FREE Online Survey – England & Wales

If you are the property owner or tenant and have Japanese Knotweed on your land, and live anywhere in England or Wales, we can arrange a FREE Online survey and identification service for you totally FREE OF CHARGE.

A specialist surveyor will review with you at an agreed time and carry out a survey of your property and grounds and surrounding areas, noting all visible growth locations of Japanese Knotweed with you.

The surveyor will where possible note all growth and crowns, age of the plant, direction of travel and where they believe the Knotweed has come from, and any other factors that be relevant bespoke to you and your property.

The surveyor can also check for any of the other 58 Invasive Plant Species now spreading across the UK, and you will then have a good idea if and what invasive weeds are in your garden.

Your survey if you request us to, will also come with a quotation for a full non-chemical treatment plan covered by a 5-year Guarantee. If you decide to take out the treatment plan, any new growth that appears within the 5-years from that date, treatment will be covered under the guarantee, giving you total peace of mind.

Mortgage lenders are more favourable to provide lending to houses affected with Japanese Knotweed when there is a treatment plan in place that has a Guarantee. Previously mortgage lenders would force thier lenders to take a chemical treatment plan, but now that our thermo-lectrical edadication plan is on offer, more and more mortgage lenders are accepting our thermo-electric plan outweights the chemical plan in many ways.

It’s quick and simple to request your FREE Online Survey 

Just confirm you are the Homeowner or Tenant and that there is Japanese Knotweed on your property. If you are unsure whether the plant or weed is Japanese Knotweed, upload a photo into the free identification service form and we will check this before we attend.

We currently cover the whole of England and Wales and your survey and quotation for eradication will all be provided 100% FREE OF CHARGE and WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATION.