Mrs Walsh wrote: The Japanese Knotweed that grew in my garden was quite large, and the roots were so big and thick I couldn’t cut them with any normal tools. This plant has taken over my garden and I am worried it will damage my foundation if I don’t get rid of it soon. Luckily, there are professionals out there who know how to treat it safely and effectively – but they come at a price! I didn’t want to spend money on expensive treatment though, so I took advantage of the Free Japanese Knotweed Survey available across England & Wales.

What is Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed is a non-native invasive weed that was brought into the UK in the 1900’s and today is estimated to affect 950,000 residential properties around the UK. It can cause devaluation of your property, be expensive to treat and/or remove, and can cause untold damage to foundations of your property, affect water and sewerage pipes, and stop you re-mortgaging your property or selling it.

What problems can it cause?

Japanese knotweed is a species of plant that can cause huge problems to buildings, roads and other structures. In fact, if left unchecked, it can cause serious structural damage. Luckily Japanese knotweed is easy to treat and we have a 10-year insurance backed guarantee. If you find it in your garden or anywhere else on your property, call us immediately for a free survey.

How do I treat it?

Only an expert should treat the Knotweed which typically is a 3-year treatment plan within a 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee

How much does it cost to treat it?

Costs vary depending on the site, amount of Knotweed present, age, type of Knotweed and many other factors. Our FREE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION Knotweed Survey gives you all the facts with an inclusive quotation for treatment and an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

Why are we offering this survey?

Japanese Knotweed Agency operate the UK’s Japanese Knotweed National Register and work with many partners across the UK in the fight to eradicate Knotweed and help people protect their property.

Is there a Guarantee?

If you take up our partners treatment plan after your survey and quotation, once the first treatment has taken place, you are covered by the inclusive 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee.

How do I take part in the survey?

To request your FREE and WOTHOUT OBLIGATION On-Site Survey, just request a Survey form to your email here: