You should look to commission a reputable, qualified Japanese Knotweed removal firm to remove the Knotweed and provide suitable guarantees. Don’t fall into the trap of applying home remedies to Japanese Knotweed – any DIY attempts will not be supported by banks. These inappropriate treatments can actually induce rhizome dormancy and make any subsequent treatment more difficult and costlier. This may make it harder to obtain an insurance backed guarantee, which will be required by any non-cash buyer.  Japanese Knotweed Agency can guide you through the process and be there to assist you in any way where Knotweed is involved.

You should instruct a Japanese Knotweed removal firm to carry out a full site survey, producing a Japanese Knotweed Management Plan.

This will assess and report on:

  • The full extent of the Knotweed including its rhizome system
  • The likely source or origin of the Knotweed
  • The location in relation to Knotweed encroachment issues
  • Whether building damage has been caused by Knotweed
  • Site specific conditions that might influence the treatment methodology
  • Full quotation detailing the chosen removal method

We have a panel of Japanese Knotweed removal experts suitable for all jobs, so don’t panic if it is a small garden with no access for machinery. Once you have instructed an identification and treatment report, you will have all the information required to make a clear, knowledgeable decision on whether you want to engage a firm to remove the Knotweed or reduce the price of your property and leave the buyer to deal with the issue. For a quick sale, this option is only practical for a cash buyer.

On instructing the Japanese Knotweed Agency to assist with your Knotweed problem, we will work with these other professional parties to ensure you get the best service possible. You can then rest assured that the Knotweed problem is in the hands of the professionals who are looking out for you.

If the Japanese Knotweed is on your property because of a third party, a legal claim can be brought against that party for the treatment / removal costs and insurance guarantee; plus, recovery of any diminution to the value of your property. Many of these claims recover £10,000+ for the homeowner knowing that it may be more difficult to sell a property with a history of Japanese Knotweed even if it has been treated and/or removed.

A clear approach to eradicating Japanese Knotweed.

  • Preparation of Japanese Knotweed Treatment and Management Plan, including Site Survey
  • Agree scope of eradication work through a professional report
  • Recommend a panel law firm to represent you on a No Win No Fee service
  • Chartered Surveyors report on the loss of value of your home
  • Legal process to claim compensation and recover costs
  • Undertake eradication works
  • Insurance Backed Guarantee underwritten at Lloyd’s

Please get in touch today if you would like to discuss your options.

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