Japanese Knotweed is not fussy about where it grows, which is demonstrated in our gallery of Knotweed pictures. It has an uncanny desire to grow along and across property boundaries, without any respect for boundaries or anything in its path. It spreads its invasive rhizomes and continues to encroach and wreak havoc until action is taken against it.

The damage Japanese Knotweed can cause should not be under-estimated, so if you notice Japanese Knotweed encroaching onto your land, you should take immediate action.

Notify the adjoining landowner of the problem, preferably in writing so you have a formal record. A co-ordinated approach that tackles the Japanese Knotweed on both pieces of land is much more likely to be successful than piecemeal attempts, and may also help with lowering the treatment costs if they are shared.

Talk to us about a legal claim where you can claim the cost of treatment and/or removal against the party from where the infestation has come from. There are several different Japanese Knotweed treatment and removal methods that can be used to ensure that the Knotweed is treated completely, and Insurance Backed Guarantees can be issued once the work has been completed.