Your home is your castle. Eradicating Japanese Knotweed in Cheshire. And if you are particularly house proud, you will know that the outside of your home is just as important as the interior. So, what should you do when you notice Japanese Knotweed growing in the property next door?

Ideally, you will get in touch with the neighbour initially to see if there is an eradication plan in place. Once you know the status of the offending plant, you should be able to then decide your next steps on how to proceed.

If there is a management plan in place, there’s no need to worry as the neighbors are adequately dealing with the problem. If not, there a few options you can explore:

Arrange for a Japanese Knotweed professional to come out and assess the situation: by doing this you are able to determine as to whether or not the Japanese Knotweed will affect your property directly. They will then be able to advise of any recommendations they may have with regards to your property.

Get in touch with the Environmental Agency: if the Japanese Knotweed has spread over into your garden, your neighbour is liable to pay for the costs of remediation. This is because although it is not illegal to have Japanese Knotweed growing on your property but it is illegal to allow it to spread, and by doing so, your neighbour may be faced with a fine of up to £2,500.00 plus the remediation costs!

Take out your own management plan: with your neighbours permission, it may prove easier to take out a management plan yourself for the remedial work on their property – this would be the best situation if you are looking to sell your property, as many mortgage lenders will refuse to allow funds against a property which has Japanese Knotweed growing within 7m of the boundary. This is obviously a last resort and you may need to decide whether or not the sale of the property is worth the treatment cost.

If you think you may have Japanese Knotweed growing on your property, speak to the experts! Get in touch today! Call the Japanese Knotweed Agency on freephone 03335 777 888