In July 2016 Frome Town Council Banned Glyphosate with immediate effect following fresh approach at last night meeting.

Frome Town Council has broken from tradition and banned the ‘top table’ & extended an invitation to attend a council meeting. They encouraged local residents to get involved in decision making alongside Cllrs each other and discussed the issues on the agenda. People shared their views – and collective decisions were made.

The topic for discussion was the ever more controversial use of the chemical pesticide called Glyphosate. Although this weed-killer commonly known as Roundup by many gardeners who regularly use it, there are suspected health risks associated with glyphosate. According to the International Agency of Research for Cancer (IARC) Glyphosate is said to be carcinogenic causing cancers & tumours in humans. It is already banned in Europe & now many Councils are choosing against using Glyphosate in public places. After a good discussion, it was decided that FTC will not use glyphosate in future, and agreed to talk to Mendip District Council & Somerset County Council about their use of glyphosate in Frome.

We also agreed to discuss with the allotment association and neighbouring parishes their use of glyphosate in future.

Feedback from the meeting was very positive, with most people preferring this informal approach.


Japanese Knotweed Agency is the first and currently only entity that offers a non-chemical Thermo-Electrical treatment against Japanese Knotweed.

Delivering up to 5000 volts directly to the weed stalks and crowns, sends a massive destructive shock throughout the weed effectively boiling it in situ and it should decompose and leave no trace. It may take several treatments as would chemical treatment, but with thermo-electrical treatment, the ground is left 100% safe and chemical free. Treatment does not affect the ground or land or other foliage next to the treated weed.

Japanese Knotweed Agency will now offer this service across England and Wales throughout 2023 and beyond.

Treatment of weeds such as Japanese Knotweed can now be done safely, and without the use of Glyphosates, protecting our environments and the health of children and adults and wildlife, and is a massive step forward that has been needed for decades in line with Europe.


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