Japanese Knotweed has distinct characteristics which help to distinguish it from other plants. The optimal time to detect Japanese Knotweed is throughout mid-Summer – Autumn. If you have a plant and are not sure if it is Japanese Knotweed, here are some characteristics to look out for:

  • Is it lush green in colour?
  • Are the leaves heart shaped?
  • Is the stem ‘bamboo like’ in appearance?
  • Do the leaves shoot from the stem nodes alternatively? In a zig-zag pattern?
  • Does it grow rapidly?

Japanese Knotweed grows incredibly quickly- it’s been reported it can grow 15cm a day!! The stems can reach heights of approx. 3m and the Rhizomes can spread approx. 4m in every direction, and some say they can grow as big as a small car, which gives an idea of the damage the roots can do to underground pipes and sewerage and more alarming to property foundations.