A property with Japanese Knotweed on the land can make for a difficult sale. Buyers would much prefer to buy a Knotweed-free property because it is one less thing for them to worry about. This is where you as the seller need to make the most out of the situation, in order to make your property attractive to potential buyers. If you can provide the prospective purchaser with all the information they need, it will help to ensure that the Knotweed issue isn’t blown out of proportion. Arm yourself with the facts and be open and transparent. A buyer and a seller should work together with an understanding and when working with a professional treatment or removal firm, the costs can be discussed and worked out so all parties are happy.

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If you are suspect that Japanese Knotweed may be present on your property, the Japanese Knotweed Agency offers a Japanese Knotweed survey which are conducted by our qualified and experienced Japanese Knotweed survey teams.

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