Concealment is no way to go about pushing the sale of your house through. Not only are RICS surveyors highly trained in spotting Japanese Knotweed, it is also against the law due to the TA6 form. You should be aware that the Law Society’s TA6 form has a specific question relating to Japanese Knotweed and if answered untruthfully, during the conveyance process, a legal claim of misrepresentation could possibly be brought against you by the buyer and can progress to allegations of fraud and the serious ramifications that could accompany that as well as the legal costs!

And a buyer may typically have 6 years to bring a claim against the seller if they find out at any time in those 6 years.

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If you suspect that Japanese Knotweed may be present on your property, the Japanese Knotweed Agency offers a Japanese Knotweed free identification and support and recommendation service which are conducted by our qualified and experienced Japanese Knotweed teams.

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