The same Japanese knotweed laws apply to growing on publicly owned land as it does to privately owned land. If there is a knotweed infestation encroaching onto your property from neighbouring publicly owned land then you should be able to get the authority responsible for the land to remove the offending plant, but this is not always the case and where there could be issues acting like in a park or forest or near a tram line or rail line, these all have potential safety and other issues that can hinder any treatment. Where the Knotweed is growing currently the stigma of Japanese Knotweed can affect your property value for several years, and sometime sonly a legal approach to force the offending land owner to make a treatment plan and carry it out and also compensate you for your property devaluation. Similarly, if the knotweed has led to a depreciation in your home’s value then you should be able to claim compensation against those responsible for allowing the plant to spread onto your land. Japanese Knotweed Agency has a panel of specialist law firms who offer a No Win No Fee service when introduced by the Japanese Knotweed Agency with our free identification and recommendation software.